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Welcome to “Rapha for the Nation” Wellness Blog! The Rapha bloggers team is here to serve the Nation. The team consist of the beautiful Achayot of Anderson and Augusta tribes. The team of bloggers are Haradrah  Tushi Labbah SabaYahu & Achoti Nava Simkah.

Each blogger will share monthly wellness tips and provide product and services that will promote health and wellness through their business venture. 

Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.  YirmeYahu (Jeremiah) 33:6

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You Are The Salt Of The Earth

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Loving My Temple

Loving My Temple is a health & nutritious base service; found by Nava Simkah. She is a certified holistic health + nutrition coach, maternity coach, and a massage therapist, who has been working in this industry for 10 years now. 

Her belief is that faith, cleaner eating habits and education can heal hidden wounds deeper than weigh management goals and that healing these wounds is the key is truly lasting results.

Product of the Month: The Simplified Eating Habits Formula | She is offering free Discovery Calls that can be booked here: https://tidycal.com/nava/discovery-call

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Bere’shiyth129 is owned & operated by Morah Tushi Labbah Yahu. She birthed Bere’shiyth 1:29 to be an herbal tea company specializing in natural remedies.  These teas were responded to specific needs and medicinal inquiries, but we also have recreational teas that are healthier without the mainstream additives.

Specials:  For the next month thru January, Bere’shiyth 129 will be providing the new Pumpkin Spice Chai and newly launched tea bag line (which includes Turmeric Chai, Be Well, Liver Cleanse, and Gibbôwr).  It will be on the website by the end of December.  AND for local orders only for a limited time (test run), I will be offering Pumpkin Spiced Chai Lattes and Ginger Turmeric Chai Lattes.  Please stay tuned to the website for upcoming information. 

Also, customers can reach out for custom-made blends for an additional fee thru the website; as well as purchase gift cards… this is a newly added feature to the website.

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